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Definition User Name is a unique sequence of symbols (e.g.characters) employed as part of information system activities to uniquely identify a user and allow access to such things as computer systems, computer networks, data or online accounts.
Explanation Also called login name, logon name, sign-in name, sign-on name. For access purposes a unique name as an ID is assumed or required.

"each file has a unique name, that each collection has a unique name, that each access role has a unique name, and that each access permission has a unique name. "

Examples "In many data management systems, multiple naming conventions may be used. For example, a user may be identified by:

• User_ID, a unique number assigned to the user • User_name, an ascii string assigned to the user"

References RDA Practical Policy "Outcomes Policy Templates:

Practical Policy Working Group, September 2014

Scope Practical Policy WG
Status New