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Definition A controlled vocabulary is a formally maintained collection of terms agreed upon and used in a specific community for communication purposes.
Explanation Controlled vocabularies are accepted & maintained by a community with some degree of asigned, rigorous & understood definitions which may evolve and expand (or shrink & consolidate) over time as part of a management & review process.

Terms that are part of Controlled vocabularies are often intended to provide systematic values for populating structured metadata elements.

Examples Taxonomies are one type of controlled vocabulary. SNOMED is an example a controlled vocabulary for computer-based patient records.
References After Currier Sarah, Lorna M. Campbell, Helen Beetham (2005). Pedagogical Vocabularies Review, JISC Pedagogical Vocabularies Project, Final Draft, 23rd December 2005 Pedagogical vocabularies project &
Scope RDA DFT Interest Group
Status New